Welcome to All Saints today, 19 January 2020 

…. to All Saints this morning.  It’s great to have you with us.

This morning we are delighted to welcome our friends, Rob and Anna Richards.  Rob is a retired Anglican minister who is the former UK Director of CMJ and also chaplain to Lee Abbey.  Rob and Anna are passionate about being available for Jesus not just in church but outside in the whole of God’s world.  But that means ‘Thinking out of the Box’ which is the title of Rob’s talk.

Then at Breakfast@9 Peter McCarthy, our licensed lay minister in training, will be continuing our series for the New Year on Worship – this week he’s looking at the part the Holy Spirit plays in our worship.

Our 10.30 service is going to be a bit different to usual.  This is the first of our more informal services.  We’ll be beginning with about half an hour of singing, open prayer, waiting on God and listening to him.  Please be ready to listen to what God is saying, to pray and share and to encourage one another.   The key thing is to follow the Apostle Paul’s advice – ‘When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up’  (1 Corinthians 14.26).  Tell us how you think it went.

If you have not been to All Saints before do introduce yourself to the folks around you and to our vicar Andrew.   And do feel free to help yourself to tea and coffee which is at the back before and after the services.  And if you would like prayer ministry we would love to pray with you – the Prayer Ministry Team will be up the front at the end of the 10.30 service. 

There's a lot happening this week

Monday-Friday - we share Morning Prayer in the Quiet Room at 8.15

9.30–10.30 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity at the Methodist Church

Wednesday – we have Holy Communion in the Quiet Room at 10.00. 

Thursday – the Prophetic Group meets in the Quiet Room at 8.45 plus Coffee Pot from 10.00 and All Saints Toddlers from 1.30 in the Hall

Friday - Art&Craft@AllSaints meets in the Hall from 10.00-12.00

Saturday – we have our Hour of Prayer 9.00-10.00 in the Quiet Room

Next Sunday – it’s Holy Communion at 8.00, Breakfast@9 at 9.00 and the United Service at Emmanuel at 10.30

  Church family news

19 January 2020

Next Saturday 25 January – Rob and Anna Richards will be speaking at a special half-day event on Saturday 25 January.  It’s called ‘Getting Equipped to go into the Market Place’ and will be starting at 10.30 (coffees and teas from 10.00) and finishing about 3.00 – please bring lunch.  This is for everyone in All Saints – you don’t need a special gift of evangelism, just a willingness to find out more about what God might want to do through you.  We’ll be finding out more about the day in this morning’s service.  Please plan to be there!

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – thie takes place from 20-24 January.   The prayer meetings this year will be focussed on the Wave and will take place in the Methodist Church (NOT the Salvation Army) from 9.30-10.30 (coffee from 9.00).

Next Sunday is the United Service – which will be taking place this year at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Victoria Avenue.   The service this year will be organised by The Wave, and will also have a focus on the international theme ‘unusual kindness’ for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  This is a great opportunity for the Whole Church in Swanage to worship together.  See you there!

Joining the Eco-Church Team in 2020 – we need more people to help us make sure we keep focussing on caring for the Planet.  Plus Lucy Vierbergen is having to step down from heading it up because she is looking after two delightful but demanding toddlers.  If you would be interested in joining the Eco-Church Team and maybe even heading it up then do have a word with me. 

Two post-Alpha courses to think about in the New Year – we’ve just completed an Alpha course which was being run jointly by All Saints and Emmanuel.  By way of a follow-up we are offering two further opportunities to delve more deeply into the Christian faith.

‘First Steps’the course is subtitled ‘Basic Bible Studies for Christians’ and it is great for people who would like to go through the biblical background to some key points about the Gospel.  It’s being led by Fi Murray who is from Moorlands and is working with EBC as a placement student over the next few years.

‘Freedom in Christ’ is a Discipleship Course for Christians who have been following Jesus for some time but who would like to go deeper into a relationship with God.  It will be led by Mark Hatto and me.

Both courses will run side-by-side starting on Tuesday 28 January through to 31 March.  We’ll be meeting at EBC from 1.30-3.30 – tea, coffee and cake will be on offer!  If you are interested in finding out about either course do have a word with me.

Any Questions? –  the next meeting will be on Thursday 30 January 7.30pm at Swanage Methodist Church.  The title will be ‘The Bible in 2020 - Reflections on its use and interpretation’ and the speaker will be our very own David Williams who will examine the changing ways in which we now encounter scripture; outlining recent and current trends in scholarly interpretation; and offering suggestions as to the key essentials for understanding the Bible better and communicating its message more effectively. Please note change of advertised date. 

“All things Bright and Beautiful” continues every Tuesday at 2.30pm, in St Mary’s with accompanying activities and fellowship suitable for people living with dementia, memory loss or other special needs, their families and carers.   

Swanage Parish Fete is set for 18 July 2020.  This is an important date for the Parish and for the Town.  Margaret Chinchen has done a great job in organising the Fete for the past few years but feels it is time to hand this on.  The Fete is a team effort but the Fete coordinator is crucially important to its success.  Would you like to know more?  If so please speak to Margaret (425224).  Thanks for all your hard work in the past Margaret!

Swanage Town Council Community Awards 2020 – who will you nominate? Nominations opened on 1 December and must be received by no later than Friday 31 January. They can be sent by post or email to admin@swanage.gov.uk. Nomination forms can be found on the Town Council’s website and Facebook page or collected from the Town Hall or Swanage Information Centre.

Neil Crisp – please pray on Thursday which is Neil’s cremation service.  The service is for family and close friends and will be at Bournemouth Crematorium at 11.45.  However Neil wanted the main focus to be on the service here in All Saints.  This will be a ‘Celebration’  - which is the word Neil wanted to use - and will be at 2.30 on Saturday 29 February followed by tea in the hall.   If you are able to help with the tea do please let me know.

Back page focus on ... Wave Kids


As you will know, Rob Foster and the Wave Kids team are working in our local schools and churches to bring the message of Jesus to the children of our town.  We asked Rob Foster, the Wave Children’s Ministry Leader, to tell us about the last year and his hopes for the coming year.

2019 was a good year for Wave Kids. We started 2 new after school clubs and Energize, our Saturday morning breakfast club, went from strength to strength. We continued to go into schools in Swanage, as well as Corfe Castle and Langton Matravers, leading assemblies and offering support in classrooms and during lunchtime. Sadly, we are not able to go into Swanage Primary on a regular basis; however, Andrew Corke and I were able to do a Christingle service there. At a rough estimate, we reached over 600 children last year. We also ran a successful holiday club and a Light Party and, most importantly, about 30 children made the decision to become friends with Jesus!

With 2020 ahead of us, we’re hoping and praying for more of those good things from 2019. We want to see more and more children and families come to know Jesus. We want those who already know Him to grow closer to Him. We want those who come to our groups to feel accepted and loved unconditionally and, of course, to have fun.

However, we won’t be able to achieve these things on our own. We want the Holy Spirit to be leading and guiding us, so, to kick start the New Year, we’ll be going on a retreat. The aim of this time will be to listen to God and focus on what He has to say about the work we’re doing and the direction He wants to take it in.

Please pray for us during this time that we’ll be open to what the Holy Spirit is saying and have the boldness and conviction to follow his prompting.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support, and if you would like to get involved with the work of Wave Kids, please get in touch (rob@wavekids.org.uk/01929 793021).

Rob Foster


Have a great week.

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