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Posted By: Mike Hayes on 05/04/2018 01:30
We're off!

Posted By: Mike Hayes on 02/04/2018 04:04
Sam, Ro, Gemma and Ali were baptised at Emmanuel Baptist Church

Posted By: Mike Hayes on 27/03/2018 03:05
Pictures of a great morning!

Posted By: Mike Hayes on 28/01/2018 07:52
Adeline Mutter was dedicated at All Saints Church on Sunday, 28 January 2018 Watch the video here

Posted By: Mike Hayes on 30/09/2017 01:49
Photographs of the event at St Mary's Church

Liam's leaving day
Posted By: Mike Hayes on 24/07/2017 03:51

Liam said goodbye to All Saints on Sunday, 23 July after two years as children's worker at All Saints.

Here are a few pictures we have in our files...

A picture from 2015

And some recent ones...

Here is the text from the All Saints' weekly sheet:


Liam Hathway is leaving us after working for the last two years in Swanage as an intern with Wave Kids and as the All Saints children’s

worker.  Here Liam looks back on what the last two years have meant to him and what God has taught him in that time,

As I look back at my time in Swanage, it all seems to have  merged together.  I have had such a good time here and learned so much that it has all been a highlight. 

So these are only a few that stick out - my time with all you all saintsers at Spring Harvest - running Explore for you for the past year and a half – and leading all you brilliant people in worship has been a pleasure!

You have all been so welcoming, that I felt like I slotted into the church brilliantly! I have enjoyed my time here so much and, as you have seen, I have grown in confidence, and have developed thanks to you guys. I have learnt so many lessons here in children’s work but especially in learning to be humble in my walk with God, and how to be much more the person that the Lord wants me to be.

The different community events that we as a church have held have given me opportunities that I may not get elsewhere.  And it has been such a pleasure to work aside all of you.  The All Saints people are fantastic people who I will never forget! I hope that the things I have brought to this fellowship have blessed you as much as you have all blessed me, and I sincerely pray that God continues to bless you all every day. Thank you for everything.

Liam Hathway

PS Please do remember to pray for me as I start my internship with Yeovil Community Church in September working with their youth team.  See you all again soon

The congregation blessed Liam on his way!